Ofertas En Psn Hasta El 6 De Noviembre

Nuevas ofertas esta semana
30 de Octubre de 2018
Por Staff Arcadia
Categorizado en: Playstation 

Parece que nuevamente tenemos la oportunidad de comprar juegos de terror, supervivencia, zombies y todo eso que celebran en Halloween con un descuento.


'Back To Me' - Of Mice & Men $1.49 US$1.86 US$1.49
'My Demons' - Starset $1.49 US$1.86 US$1.49
'Three Lives' - Octavision $1.49 US$1.86 US$1.49
'n Verlore Verstand $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
'n Verlore Verstand - Banda sonora $3.49 US$4.19 US$3.49
1979 Revolution: Black Friday $8.99 US$10.86 US$8.99
20XX $14.39 US$17.59 US$14.39
2Dark $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
3D Billiards $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
7 Days to Die $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
A Hat in Time $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
AER - Memories of Old $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Actividad Paranormal: El Alma Perdida $17.99 US$21.59 US$17.99
Adam's Venture: Origins $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
AereA $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Agony $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Alien: Isolation $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
All-Star Fruit Racing $33.99 US$40.79 US$33.99
Alteric $2.99 US$3.59 US$2.99
Always Sometimes Monsters $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles $10.99 US$13.19 US$10.99
Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™ $19.49 US$23.39 US$19.49
Assassin’s Creed® The Ezio Collection $33.49 US$40.19 US$33.49
Assassin’s Creed® Unity $19.49 US$23.39 US$19.49
Assassin’s Creed®IV Black Flag™ Gold Edition $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
Assetto Corsa $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition $31.99 US$38.39 US$31.99
Attack on Titan 2 $47.99 US$57.59 US$47.99
Battlefield™ 1 $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Beast Quest $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Ben 10 $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk $35.99 US$43.19 US$35.99
Big Buck Hunter Arcade $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Black the Fall $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Blackwood Crossing $11.19 US$13.64 US$11.19
Bloodborne™ The Old Hunters $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Blue Estate® - The Game $4.54 US$5.59 US$4.54
Bound by Flame™ $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Bridge Constructor Portal $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Bulb Boy $3.59 US$4.39 US$3.59
Burnout™ Paradise Remastered $19.49 US$23.39 US$19.49
Caos en Deponia $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 $37.49 US$44.99 US$37.49
Cat Quest $10.39 US$12.79 US$10.39
ChaosChild $47.99 US$57.59 US$47.99
Chicken Assassin: Reloaded $5.99 US$7.49 US$5.99
Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Cities: Skylines - PlayStation®4 Edition $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
City of Brass $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ $34.99 US$41.99 US$34.99
Conan Exiles $37.49 US$44.99 US$37.49
Crossout - 'Arachnophobia' Pack $32.99 US$39.59 US$32.99
Crossout - 'Frostburn' Pack $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Crossout - 'Law of the Wasteland' Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Crossout - 'The inventor' Pack $41.99 US$50.39 US$41.99
DEAD AHEAD:ZOMBIE WARFARE - Pack de circo $3.49 US$4.19 US$3.49
DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® NT $40.19 US$48.23 US$40.19
DOG GONE GOLFING $3.74 US$4.49 US$3.74
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE $26.79 US$32.15 US$26.79
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 $40.19 US$48.23 US$40.19
DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 $47.99 US$57.59 US$47.99
Danger Zone 2 $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Daylight™ $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
Dead Island Definitive Edition $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Dead Rising $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Dead Rising 2 $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Dead by Daylight: Capítulo CURTAIN CALL $5.59 US$6.99 US$5.59
Dead by Daylight: Capítulo The SAW® $5.59 US$6.99 US$5.59
Dead by Daylight: Leatherface™ $3.49 US$4.19 US$3.49
Dead by Daylight: Shattered Bloodline $5.59 US$6.99 US$5.59
Deadlight: Director's Cut $5.24 US$6.29 US$5.24
Death Road to Canada $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Death's Gambit $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess $24.99 US$29.99 US$24.99
Deep Ones $2.99 US$3.59 US$2.99
Defunct $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Deployment $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Deponia $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Detención® $6.49 US$7.99 US$6.49
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Devil May Cry HD Collection $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition $17.99 US$21.59 US$17.99
Dragon Age™: Inquisition   US$15.11 US$12.59
Drift Zone $9.89 US$12.09 US$9.89
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Dying Light $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3 $40.19 US$48.23 US$40.19
EARTHLOCK $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
EVERSPACE™ $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
EVERSPACE™ - Encounters $8.49 US$10.19 US$8.49
Earthfall™ $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
Edición especial de Dead by Daylight $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
El fin de Zoe $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Eliosi's Hunt $3.24 US$3.89 US$3.24
Energy Invasion $2.09 US$2.79 US$2.09
Extinction $38.99 US$46.79 US$38.99
Extreme Exorcism $2.99 US$3.74 US$2.99
F1 2018 $47.99 US$57.59 US$47.99
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Far Cry® 3 Edición Classic $24.89 US$29.87 US$24.89
Far Cry® 4 $25.99 US$31.19 US$25.99
Far Cry® Primal $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
Fe $12.59 US$15.11 US$12.59
Fear Effect Sedna $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Flipping Death $15.99 US$19.19 US$15.99
Forgotton Anne $15.99 US$19.19 US$15.99
Frost $8.70 US$10.71 US$8.70
Gal*Gun 2 $44.99 US$53.99 US$44.99
Gekido Kintaro's Revenge $9.74 US$11.69 US$9.74
Gnomes Garden 3: The thief of castles $3.49 US$4.19 US$3.49
Goat Simulator: GoatZ $1.99 US$2.39 US$1.99
Goosebumps: The Game $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
Gorogoa $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Grabaciones inéditas Vol. 1 $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Gravel $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
Grim Fandango Remastered $3.74 US$4.49 US$3.74
Grim Legends 3: The Dark City $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
HIVE: Altenum Wars $6.49 US$7.79 US$6.49
Hammerwatch $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Heavy Fire: Red Shadow $16.99 US$20.39 US$16.99
Hello Neighbor $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Heroine Anthem Zero Episode 1 $10.39 US$12.79 US$10.39
How to Survive 2 $4.49 US$5.39 US$4.49
How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Human: Fall Flat $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Hunting Simulator $25.99 US$31.19 US$25.99
Hyper Sentinel $6.49 US$7.99 US$6.49
INFERNIUM $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
InnerSpace $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Inside My Radio $2.99 US$3.59 US$2.99
Island Flight Simulator $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
It's Quiz Time $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Jurassic World Evolution $50.99 US$61.19 US$50.99
Just Dance® 2018 $41.99 US$50.39 US$41.99
Kabounce $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Kholat $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Killing Floor 2 $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Killzone™ Shadow Fall   US$5.99 US$4.99
La Colección The Walking Dead - The Telltale Series $34.99 US$41.99 US$34.99
Layers of Fear: Inheritance $1.99 US$2.39 US$1.99
Linelight $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Lords of the Fallen $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
METAL SLUG 3 $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
METAL SLUG XX $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
MOTHERGUNSHIP $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
MUSYNX $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
MXGP PRO $39.99 US$47.99 US$39.99
Mahjong Carnival $4.89 US$5.94 US$4.89
Mahjong Gold $4.89 US$5.94 US$4.89
Marble Duel $13.49 US$16.19 US$13.49
Maria The Witch $2.49 US$2.99 US$2.49
Marooners $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst $12.59 US$15.11 US$12.59
Monopoly Family Fun Pack $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame $38.99 US$46.79 US$38.99
Monster Jam: Crush It! $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Monster Slayers $10.04 US$12.05 US$10.04
Mordheim: City of the Damned $15.99 US$19.19 US$15.99
MotoGP™18 $37.49 US$44.99 US$37.49
Mulaka $15.99 US$19.19 US$15.99
Mystik Belle $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure $9.74 US$11.69 US$9.74
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM 4 ROAD TO BORUTO $37.49 US$44.99 US$37.49
Need for Speed™ $12.59 US$15.11 US$12.59
Need for Speed™ Payback $25.99 US$31.19 US$25.99
Need for Speed™ Rivals $12.59 US$15.11 US$12.59
Neverout $6.79 US$8.49 US$6.79
Nex Machina $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Next Up Hero $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Nightmare Boy $10.39 US$12.79 US$10.39
Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Nights of Azure $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
No Heroes Here $8.24 US$9.89 US$8.24
No Man's Sky $43.19 US$51.83 US$43.19
Numantia $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
Octahedron $11.04 US$13.59 US$11.04
Oh My Godheads $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Old Man's Journey $6.69 US$8.03 US$6.69
Omen of Sorrow $44.99 US$53.99 US$44.99
Outcast - Second Contact $25.99 US$31.19 US$25.99
Outlast 2 $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Overload $26.99 US$32.39 US$26.99
PAYDAY 2: CRIMEWAVE EDITION $12.99 US$15.59 US$12.99
Perception: Remastered $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition $34.99 US$41.99 US$34.99
Pinstripe $12.74 US$15.29 US$12.74
PitterPot $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2: Edición Standard $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
Project CARS 2 $40.19 US$48.23 US$40.19
Pure Farming 2018 $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
Pyre $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
R.B.I. Baseball 18 $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
RESIDENT EVIL 5 $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
Radial-G: Racing Revolved $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Rayman® Legends $24.79 US$29.75 US$24.79
Real Farm $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Redout - Space Exploration Pack $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Redout: Back to Earth Pack $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Redout: Mars Pack $4.19 US$5.09 US$4.19
Rememoried $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Remothered: Tormented Fathers $19.49 US$23.39 US$19.49
Resident Evil 0 $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Resident Evil 6 $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Reus $9.74 US$11.69 US$9.74
Riddled Corpses EX $8.99 US$10.86 US$8.99
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™ $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Root Letter $26.99 US$32.39 US$26.99
SPACE HULK $19.19 US$23.19 US$19.19
SPACE HULK: ASCENSION $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
STEEP $19.79 US$23.75 US$19.79
SUPERBEAT: XONiC $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization $41.99 US$50.39 US$41.99
Sherlock Holmes : The Devil's Daughter $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
Silence $19.49 US$23.39 US$19.49
Skyforge: Paquete de clases $26.99 US$32.39 US$26.99
Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut $8.49 US$10.24 US$8.49
South Park™: La Vara de la Verdad™ $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
Space Hulk®: Deathwing™ - Enhanced Edition $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
State of Mind $35.99 US$43.19 US$35.99
Strange Brigade $37.49 US$44.99 US$37.49
Street Fighter® V $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Street Fighter® V - CPT Premier Package $12.49 US$14.99 US$12.49
Street Fighter® V - Season 2 Character Pass $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Styx: Master of Shadows $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Styx: Shards of Darkness $17.49 US$20.99 US$17.49
Sundered $13.39 US$16.07 US$13.39
Super Kids Racing $5.49 US$6.59 US$5.49
Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim $16.99 US$20.39 US$16.99
Syberia 3 $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge $44.99 US$53.99 US$44.99
Tacoma $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Tennis World Tour $44.99 US$53.99 US$44.99
Tetris® Effect $35.99 US$43.19 US$35.99
The Coma: Recut $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
The Council - Episode 1: The Mad Ones $5.94 US$7.21 US$5.94
The Crew $19.49 US$23.39 US$19.49
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker $9.09 US$11.19 US$9.09
The Invisible Hours $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
The King of Fighters XIV $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
The Mummy Demastered $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
The Order: 1886™ $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
The Surge $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
The Technomancer $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
The Unknown City (Horror Begins Now.....Episode 1) $1.99 US$2.39 US$1.99
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Season Pass $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
The Walking Dead: Season Two $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition $24.99 US$29.99 US$24.99
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Tour de France 2018 $34.99 US$41.99 US$34.99
Train Sim World® $34.99 US$41.99 US$34.99
True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1 $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
Tyr: Chains of Valhalla $7.69 US$9.44 US$7.69
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 $17.49 US$20.99 US$17.49
Umbrella Corps $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Unravel $12.59 US$15.11 US$12.59
Unravel Two $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Until Dawn $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Vegas Party $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
WARHAMMER 40K: DEATHWATCH $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Wailing Heights $10.79 US$13.04 US$10.79
War Thunder - AMX-30 Pack $24.99 US$29.99 US$24.99
War Thunder - B1ter Pack $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
War Thunder - Campaña Japanese Pacific (1941-1943) $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
War Thunder - Campaña USA Pacific (1941-1943) $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
War Thunder - Centurion Pack $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
War Thunder - Dora Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - Fiat G.55S Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - George Bostwick's P-47M-1-RE Thunderbolt $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - Heavy Tank ? 6 Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - IS-6 Pack $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
War Thunder - Invader Pack $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
War Thunder - KPz M47/G Pack $24.99 US$29.99 US$24.99
War Thunder - KV-2 ZIS 6 Pack $12.49 US$14.99 US$12.49
War Thunder - M.B.5 Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - M18 Black Cat Pack $10.99 US$13.24 US$10.99
War Thunder - M26 Pershing Ariete Pack $17.49 US$20.99 US$17.49
War Thunder - M4A1 FL10 Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - Magach 3 Pack $24.99 US$29.99 US$24.99
War Thunder - Mustang Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - Object 120 Pack $24.99 US$29.99 US$24.99
War Thunder - P40 'Leoncello' Pack $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
War Thunder - SO.8000 Narval Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder - Shielded T-34E - Advanced Pack $12.99 US$15.74 US$12.99
War Thunder - T29 Pack $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
War Thunder - Type 5 Ho-Ri Pack $17.49 US$20.99 US$17.49
War Thunder - Wyvern Pack $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
War Thunder – King Tiger Pack $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
War Thunder – SdKfz 140/1 Pack $3.49 US$4.24 US$3.49
Watch Dogs™ $19.49 US$23.39 US$19.49
Way of the Passive Fist $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
We Happy Few $47.99 US$57.59 US$47.99
Welcome to Hanwell $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Xenon Valkyrie+ $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
Yakuza 0 $17.99 US$21.59 US$17.99
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life $44.99 US$53.99 US$44.99
ZOMBI $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Zenith $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Zombie Army Trilogy $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
observer $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
resident evil 4 $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
3 IN1 INDIE BUNDLE  PACK $2.99 US$3.59 US$2.99
Alien: Isolation - THE COLLECTION  PACK $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
America’s Greatest Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune® & Jeopardy!  PACK $31.99 US$38.39 US$31.99
Antiquia Lost: Special Edition  PACK $21.24 US$25.49 US$21.24
Assassin's Creed Triple Pack: Black Flag, Unity, Syndicate  PACK $62.99 US$75.59 US$62.99
Attack on Titan 2 Deluxe Edition  PACK $79.99 US$95.99 US$79.99
BUTCHER - Special Edition Bundle  PACK $5.19 US$6.39 US$5.19
Battlefield™ 1 Revolution  PACK $35.99 US$43.19 US$35.99
Battlefield™ Hardline Deluxe Edition  PACK $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Battlefield™ Hardline Edición Definitiva  PACK $35.99 US$43.19 US$35.99
BioShock: The Collection  PACK $25.79 US$30.95 US$25.79
Bleed Complete Bundle  PACK $16.79 US$20.39 US$16.79
Blood Bowl® 2: Legendary Edition  PACK $29.24 US$35.09 US$29.24
Bloodborne™ Complete Edition Bundle  PACK $15.74 US$18.89 US$15.74
Cities: Skylines - Premium Edition  PACK $48.99 US$58.79 US$48.99
DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® NT Digital Deluxe Edition  PACK $61.19 US$73.43 US$61.19
DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle  PACK $12.59 US$15.22 US$12.59
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Deluxe Edition  PACK $60.29 US$72.35 US$60.29
DYING: Reborn Ultimate Bundle  PACK $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Edición Deluxe  PACK $67.99 US$81.59 US$67.99
Darksiders III Blades & Whip Edition  PACK $89.99 US$107.99 US$89.99
Darksiders III Digital Deluxe Edition  PACK $70.39 US$84.47 US$70.39
Dead Island Definitive Collection  PACK $15.99 US$19.19 US$15.99
Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package  PACK $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Dead Rising Triple Pack  PACK $20.82 US$25.02 US$20.82
Deiland special pack  PACK $11.19 US$13.64 US$11.19
Devil May Cry HD Collection & 4SE Bundle  PACK $31.49 US$37.79 US$31.49
Dragon Age™: Inquisition - Edición Juego del año  PACK $25.19 US$30.23 US$25.19
Dragon Ball Xenoverse + pase de temporada  PACK $43.54 US$52.25 US$43.54
EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3 Deluxe Edition  PACK $53.59 US$64.31 US$53.59
EVERSPACE™ - Stellar Edition  PACK $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
Earthfall™ Deluxe  PACK $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
Edición Deluxe de Jurassic World Evolution  PACK $55.24 US$66.29 US$55.24
Edición Ultimate de STAR WARS™ Battlefront™  PACK $17.99 US$21.59 US$17.99
Edición de lujo de Resident Evil Revelations 2  PACK $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Epic Adventure Bundle  PACK $25.49 US$30.59 US$25.49
Extinction: Deluxe Edition  PACK $45.49 US$54.59 US$45.49
Far Cry® 4 Gold Edition  PACK $38.99 US$46.79 US$38.99
Far Cry® Primal - Digital Apex Edition  PACK $35.74 US$42.89 US$35.74
Farming Simulator 17 - Platinum Edition  PACK $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
Gravel Special Edition  PACK $45.49 US$54.59 US$45.49
Grim Legends 3: The Dark City Deluxe  PACK $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Grim Legends Collection  PACK $26.99 US$32.61 US$26.99
HITMAN™ - Edición Juego del año  PACK $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
HIVE: Altenum Wars Deluxe Edition  PACK $8.44 US$10.39 US$8.44
HIVE: Altenum Wars Special Edition  PACK $7.79 US$9.41 US$7.79
Kabounce Digital Deluxe  PACK $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition  PACK $9.19 US$11.19 US$9.19
Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition - OST Combo  PACK $3.89 US$4.79 US$3.89
Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition  PACK $17.99 US$21.59 US$17.99
Lote de Battlefield  PACK $18.89 US$22.67 US$18.89
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Deluxe Edition  PACK $41.99 US$50.39 US$41.99
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Standard Edition  PACK $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
Mass Effect™: Andromeda – Deluxe Recruit Edition  PACK $25.19 US$30.23 US$25.19
Mass Effect™: Andromeda – Standard Recruit Edition  PACK $18.89 US$22.67 US$18.89
Monster Energy Supercross - Special Edition  PACK $45.49 US$54.59 US$45.49
Mordheim: City of the Damned - Complete Edition  PACK $17.49 US$20.99 US$17.49
Need for Speed™ Edición Deluxe  PACK $15.74 US$18.89 US$15.74
Need for Speed™ Payback - Deluxe Edition  PACK $38.99 US$46.79 US$38.99
Outcast – Second Contact Digital Deluxe Edition  PACK $29.24 US$35.09 US$29.24
Outlast: Bundle of Terror  PACK $10.14 US$12.24 US$10.14
Pack triple de Resident Evil  PACK $29.74 US$35.74 US$29.74
Paquete MEGA de Super Dungeon Bros  PACK $13.79 US$16.79 US$13.79
Paquete Yarny de Unravel  PACK $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
Paquete aniversario de Battlefield™  PACK $62.99 US$75.59 US$62.99
Paquete de Familia EA  PACK $25.19 US$30.23 US$25.19
Paquete de Tom Clancy’s The Division y Rainbow Six Siege  PACK $48.99 US$58.79 US$48.99
Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition  PACK $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2: Edición Deluxe  PACK $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition  PACK $67.49 US$80.99 US$67.49
Pure Farming 2018: Digital Deluxe Edition  PACK $37.49 US$44.99 US$37.49
Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 Bundle  PACK $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle  PACK $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
Rocksmith edición 2014: Remasterizado  PACK $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition  PACK $59.49 US$71.39 US$59.49
Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut - Deluxe Edition  PACK $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition  PACK $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
South Park: La Colección de Videojuegos  PACK $53.59 US$64.31 US$53.59
Steep X Games edición Gold  PACK $39.99 US$47.99 US$39.99
Strange Brigade Digital Deluxe Edition  PACK $59.99 US$71.99 US$59.99
Street Fighter® V - 2017 Halloween Costume Bundle  PACK $5.59 US$6.79 US$5.59
Street Fighter® V - Arcade Edition  PACK $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
Street Fighter® V - Arcade Edition Deluxe  PACK $48.99 US$58.79 US$48.99
Styx: Master of Shadows + Styx: Shards of Darkness  PACK $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
Super Mega Baseball 2 Leadoff Bundle  PACK $37.34 US$44.99 US$37.34
TERA: Deluxe paquete de iniciación  PACK $11.24 US$13.49 US$11.24
TERA: Paquete de uniforme HYDRATH  PACK $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
TERA: Pegaso Alanívea  PACK $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
TERA: paquete de Pegaso Eclipse doble  PACK $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
TERA: paquete de iniciación  PACK $4.49 US$5.61 US$4.49
TERA: paquete de uniforme SWAT  PACK $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
TERA: paquete volador triple Leoaverno  PACK $52.49 US$62.99 US$52.49
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Special Anniversary Edition  PACK $44.99 US$53.99 US$44.99
Tennis World Tour - Legends Edition  PACK $56.24 US$67.49 US$56.24
The Coma: Recut - Deluxe Edition  PACK $8.15 US$9.85 US$8.15
The Council - Complete Season  PACK $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
The Crew® Ultimate Edition  PACK $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
The Exorcist: Legion VR - serie completa  PACK $26.99 US$32.39 US$26.99
The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition  PACK $9.74 US$11.69 US$9.74
Titanfall™ 2 Ultimate Edition  PACK $25.19 US$30.23 US$25.19
Typoman Edición Deluxe  PACK $10.39 US$12.66 US$10.39
Umbrella Corps: edición deluxe  PACK $8.74 US$10.49 US$8.74
Warhammer Bundle: Mordheim and Blood Bowl 2  PACK $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
Watch Dogs 1 + Watch Dogs 2 Gold Editions Bundle  PACK $66.99 US$80.39 US$66.99
Watch Dogs 1 + Watch Dogs 2 Standard Editions Bundle  PACK $46.89 US$56.27 US$46.89
Watch Dogs™ Gold Edition  PACK $32.49 US$38.99 US$32.49
We Happy Few Digital Deluxe Edition  PACK $67.99 US$81.59 US$67.99
n Verlore Verstand - edición de lujo  PACK $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Battlefield™ 1 Premium Pass DLC Free Gratuito Gratuito
Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit DLC $11.69 US$14.39 US$11.69
Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters DLC $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Cities: Skylines - Season Pass DLC $33.99 US$40.79 US$33.99
Cities: Skylines - Snowfall DLC $10.39 US$12.79 US$10.39
DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® NT Season Pass DLC $22.49 US$26.99 US$22.49
DOA5LR Pase de Temporada 6 DLC $65.09 US$78.39 US$65.09
DOA5LR Pase de Temporada 7 DLC $59.59 US$71.59 US$59.59
DOA5LR Pase de temporada 3 + Personaje DLC $65.09 US$78.39 US$65.09
DOA5LR Pase de temporada 5 + Personaje DLC $65.09 US$78.39 US$65.09
DYNASTY WARRIORS 9: Season Pass DLC $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street™ Chapter DLC $5.59 US$6.99 US$5.59
Dead by Daylight: Capítulo The HALLOWEEN® DLC $5.59 US$6.99 US$5.59
Dead by Daylight: Head Case DLC $2.79 US$3.49 US$2.79
Disfraces de Halloween DLC $1.49 US$1.79 US$1.49
Dungeon Defenders II - Barricade Pack DLC $37.49 US$44.99 US$37.49
Dungeon Defenders II - Champion Pack DLC $74.99 US$89.99 US$74.99
Dungeon Defenders II - Vanguard Pack DLC $18.74 US$22.49 US$18.74
Dungeon Defenders II: Quickstart Pack DLC $11.24 US$13.49 US$11.24
Fallout Shelter: Caja de Nuka-Cola Quantum DLC $3.99 US$4.79 US$3.99
Fallout Shelter: Cajón de Nuka-Cola Quantum DLC $24.99 US$29.99 US$24.99
Fallout Shelter: Camión de Nuka-Cola Quantum DLC $49.99 US$59.99 US$49.99
Fallout Shelter: Frigorífico de Nuka-Cola Quantum DLC $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Fallout Shelter: Lote de 15 cestas de mascotas DLC $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Fallout Shelter: Lote de 15 tarteras DLC $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Fallout Shelter: Lote de 40 cestas de mascotas DLC $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Fallout Shelter: Lote de 40 tarteras DLC $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Fallout Shelter: Lote de 5 Sres. Mañosos DLC $2.99 US$3.74 US$2.99
Fallout Shelter: Lote de 5 cestas de mascotas DLC $2.99 US$3.74 US$2.99
Fallout Shelter: Lote de 5 tarteras DLC $2.99 US$3.74 US$2.99
Fallout Shelter: Nevera de Nuka-Cola Quantum DLC $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Premium Costume Pass DLC $20.99 US$25.19 US$20.99
Money Pack 600 BaitCoins DLC $26.09 US$31.31 US$26.09
Shantae: Pirate Queen's Quest DLC $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Skyforge: 105 000 argenos DLC $59.99 US$71.99 US$59.99
Skyforge: 11 750 argenos DLC $9.09 US$11.19 US$9.09
Skyforge: 6000 argenos DLC $5.59 US$6.79 US$5.59
Skyforge: Paquete de juego rápido de Brujo/Bruja DLC $7.79 US$9.59 US$7.79
Skyforge: Paquete de juego rápido de Nigromante DLC $7.79 US$9.59 US$7.79
Street Fighter® V - 2016 Halloween Costume Bundle DLC $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Street Fighter® V - 2016 Summer Costume Bundle DLC $7.19 US$8.69 US$7.19
Street Fighter® V - 2017 Capcom Pro Tour Pass DLC $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
Street Fighter® V - 2018 Summer Costume Bundle DLC $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Street Fighter® V - Devil May Cry & Ghosts 'n Goblins Bundle DLC $14.24 US$17.09 US$14.24
Street Fighter® V - Original Characters Battle Costume 1 Pack DLC $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Street Fighter® V -2016 Holiday Pack DLC $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Warface: Pack de Black Shark DLC $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Warface: Pack de Halloween DLC $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99


Alice: Madness Returns™ $7.99 US$9.59 US$7.99
Alien: Isolation $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
BioShock® $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
BioShock® 2 $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
Dead Rising® 2 Off The Record $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Devil May Cry® HD Collection $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
DmC Devil May Cry™ $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Ethan: Meteor Hunter $1.99 US$2.39 US$1.99
Final Exam™ $3.49 US$4.19 US$3.49
Goosebumps: The Game $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
HELL YEAH! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
I Am Alive Full Game Unlock $4.49 US$5.39 US$4.49
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men $4.49 US$5.39 US$4.49
Monster Jam® Battlegrounds $6.49 US$7.79 US$6.49
Of Orcs and Men™ $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
Resident Evil $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Resident Evil 0 $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Resident Evil® 4 $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Resident Evil® 5 Gold Edition $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Resident Evil® 6 $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Resident Evil® Code: Veronica X $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Resident Evil® Operation Raccoon City $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
Resident Evil® Revelations $6.99 US$8.39 US$6.99
SPACE HULK $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
The Darkness II $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
The House of the Dead 4 Game $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
The House of the Dead III $4.19 US$5.09 US$4.19
The Walking Dead: 400 Days $3.49 US$4.19 US$3.49
The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Yakuza: Dead Souls $9.99 US$11.99 US$9.99
Zombie Driver HD $2.99 US$3.59 US$2.99
inFAMOUS™ Festival of Blood $0.99 US$1.19 US$0.99
Dead Space ™ 3 Ultimate Edition  PACK $9.89 US$11.87 US$9.89
Dead Space™ 2 Ultimate Edition  PACK $9.89 US$11.87 US$9.89
Dead Space™ Ultimate Edition  PACK $8.24 US$9.89 US$8.24
DmC Devil May Cry™ Ultimate Edition  PACK $20.24 US$30.44 US$20.24
Edición de lujo de Resident Evil Revelations 2  PACK $8.99 US$10.79 US$8.99
Resident Evil Franchise Pack  PACK $29.99 US$35.99 US$29.99
Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle  PACK $19.99 US$23.99 US$19.99
Resident Evil® 6 Ultimate Edition  PACK $9.79 US$11.89 US$9.79
Resident Evil® HD Bundle  PACK $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season  PACK $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition  PACK $4.49 US$5.39 US$4.49
RE Revelations 2 - Pase de Temporada DLC $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
The Walking Dead: Season Two - Season Pass DLC $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49

PS Vita

7'scarlet $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
ChaosChild $35.99 US$43.19 US$35.99
Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
Corpse Party: Blood Drive $17.99 US$21.59 US$17.99
DEAD AHEAD:ZOMBIE WARFARE - Pack de circo $3.49 US$4.19 US$3.49
Deemo: The Last Recital $11.99 US$14.39 US$11.99
Grim Fandango Remastered $3.74 US$4.49 US$3.74
Home - A Unique Horror Adventure $2.99 US$3.59 US$2.99
KILLALLZOMBIES $2.49 US$2.99 US$2.49
MUSYNX $23.99 US$28.79 US$23.99
Maliya $2.39 US$3.19 US$2.39
PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD $4.49 US$5.39 US$4.49
Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly $27.99 US$33.59 US$27.99
Riddled Corpses EX $8.99 US$10.86 US$8.99
Root Letter $19.79 US$23.84 US$19.79
SPACE HULK $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99
SUPERBEAT: XONiC $13.99 US$16.79 US$13.99
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero — Pirate Queen's Quest $5.99 US$7.19 US$5.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49
TorqueL $4.99 US$5.99 US$4.99
Vegas Party $15.99 US$19.19 US$15.99
Xenon Valkyrie+ $7.49 US$8.99 US$7.49
The Walking Dead: Season Two - Season Pass DLC $10.49 US$12.59 US$10.49

Compra cruzada PS3 y PS4

Rock of Ages 2: Complete Bundle  PACK $14.99 US$17.99 US$14.99

Compra cruzada PS3, PS4 y PS Vita

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops Complete Bundle  PACK $3.99 US$4.99 US$3.99

Compra cruzada PSP, PS Vita y PS3

Dino Crisis® (PSOne Classic) $3.59 US$4.49 US$3.59
Dino Crisis™ 2 (PSOne Classic) $3.59 US$4.49 US$3.59